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he's leaving home after living alone for so many years...

Dear SloanNet,

I've been fighting a battle with myself for awhile now and have finally come
to terms with the difficult decision I have to make.  I've decided to turn
in my membership card to SloanNet.  I'm going cold turkey.  I've been a
longtime user but now the time has come to clean up my act.  I've checked
myself into a clinic and with God's help I'll come out on the otherside...

You kidz play nice now...



a) For those people I still owe stuff to I still have your addresses so
don't worry...

b) For those of you that still don't have My Pet Genius' "Might Strike
Satellite" get off your ass and order it.  Send $7.00 to:

Squeek Records
p.o. box 544
station "p"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
M5S 2T1

c) any Sloannetters in the T.O. area are welcome to come check us out (along
with Gladrub) at the 360 this Friday.

d) if anyone cares to join the MPG mailing list please let me know and I'll
get you on as soon as possible.

See you in space...