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Re: my HoM after hours free party

>Hey kids!!! Not to slag hip hop, but if the prospect seeing djs at mokka
>exactly grab ya, how about getting in on a little adventure I've been
>day dreaming about ever since I first realized that casey's top 40
>was not necsisarily the last word in pop music. Friday night, after
>you've gottten all the kicks to be had running from reflections to
>birdland and back again ad infinitum, what could possibly beat a little of
>the old ultraviolence
>as far as capping the night off is concerned ?? If you guessed
>"nothing" than you win!!!
>        My little plan involves a certain over glorified bar band
>whose handlers have seen fit to have them storm halifax for the
>second time in as many years with their particularly tedious brand of
>fist pumping top 40 swill.  No doubt legions of their knuckle
>dragging, NFL watching, palace loitering sheep fans will
>jump like lemmings at the chance to do their best urban cowboy act
>sleeping on the steps of the metro center in hopes of having floor
>level seats to this,"the best thing to hit halifax since 780 KIXX"
>   That"s where we come in.  It's amazing how the right mix of beer
>and Louisville Sluggers can turn even the most subdued group of indie
>rawkers into
>a force capable of taking out the trash once and for all, and real
>horrorshow at that!!! Four  O'clock in the grand parade, If yr up to
>   Here's wishing that downie "singer" was just a little less jim
>morrison and a little more Rev. Jim Jones,
> D. Aaron "the punsiher" Petrie

Am I the only one who got lost in this?

p.s. any information on SuperFriendz tour or album?? Do they travel very
far west?

"Touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - SuperFriendz