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new sloan video/winners

The video for "everything you've done wrong" was on the wedge today,
it's repeated at 2am est. i'm not going to say anything else because i've
been told that everything with my name on it gets deleted. thanks alot! you
know what? since so many people have complained about my(& shawn's) posting
next time we have a contest to give away all sorts of free sloan stuff we
won't post it on here ok?, will that make some of you happy? i really hope so.

anyways the winners of the contest are:
GRAND PRIZE: Shanan/Lauren Kurtz
runners up: Dream Smith, Nadia Saragosa

i'm not sure if they are all on sloan net but if you are don't worry, we'll
contact you later tonight or tomorrow

heather - can't you just feel the biterness??

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