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Sebadoh- Atlanta (+e.c.c.)

Hey.  Sebadoh played last night at the Cotton Club.  Really small joint, w/ everybody up to their elbows in sweat and craziness.  Jason pondered a bit and said that Cotton was the biggest coffeehouse they ever saw (it's really a bar)  

Elliot Smith and Those Bastard Souls opened.  The trumpet player from bastard souls was screwed up.  They rawked, but it eventually got to the point where we just just want to hear the Doh.

They opened w/ Rebound & Ocean and played a bunch of songs from Bakesale.  Few songs from bubbleandscrape. Lou showed his ring to everybody, and I think he cut his finger or thumb or something after Ocean.  Did anybody else go? I thought I saw Lou's wife, but I  wasn't sure.  I don't know what else I can say except the whole show kicked.  

E.C.C.---->Retarded Question: Does anybody have any Broken Girl tabs or know where to get them? I already know most of "Soon, Closer Closer,"  but its real easy.  (i know this is a cheap shot.)