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Re: Rescheduling the theory of scheduling and iron intake...

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, geneyus wrote:

> >some issues:
> This is some bright idea.  Unfortunately, the properties of time and space
> tend to disagree.  Let's see...how many bands in how many nights?  Do the
> math.  Yeah, it's too bad that people have to miss some bands because others
> are playing at the same time but that's all part of the festival mentality.
> It forces people to make a commitment.  Any band would appreciate the mental
> turmoil you had to go through to make your decision.

this is some unclear post.  try coherent sentences.  i understand that 
they are kind of fun.  anyway ...

i wasn't suggesting that it was possible to see every single band that 
was playing, i'm saying that people have the choice of two different 
bands to see at approximately the same time.  as far as i can tell the 
festival mentality is about wandering around to various venues catching a 
band here and a band there.  why force yourself to suffer through a shit 
bill when all you're interested in is one band?  if a ticket costs eight 
bucks and you only want to see one band, you may be inclined to give the 
show a pass, but if you can find three or four bands throughout a night 
that you want to see, then you might be inclined to buy a festival pass 
and see the bands you want to see. passes mean mucho dinero for the 
organisers, because barely anyone makes them worthwhile by seeing every 
show they can. but whatever ... i doubt anyone really cares about this 
boring shit.

> I'm nothing if not committed...Geneyus.
> Oh by the way have you not heard of iron supplements?
> Glad all the kidz are back...let the games begin...