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Halifax On Music Info (VERY LONG)

Here is as much info as I could get. I think passes for plus 19 shows run
at $35 and all ages are $18. individual show admissions, i'm not so sure.
anyone out there know? 

Birdland is at 2021 brunswick st at cogswell. 425 0889.
Cafe Mokka is at 1588 Granville St. 492 4036.
Cafe Ole is at 1592 Barring St. up the stairs, bucko! 492 1112.
Reflections is at 5184 Sackville St. 422 2957.
Wormwoods is at 2112 Gottingen St. 422 3700.

Jim and Warren and I, 3 relatively seasoned sloan net geeks, are at 5512
charles street. 425 8769. if you are desperate for help in getting to
shows and don't know your way around halifax, i volunteer our household
for emergency tour guides, assuming we're home. Any other haligonians want
to offer the same to the folks from away?

one final note here, before i give you the goods. the finale show on
sunday might be at a new club in town called sanctuary, which is across
the street from carsand mosher on barrington street. i'm not sure when
they'll decide where it is. for now, it's listed as birdland...we'll see.
here we go:

Friday, September 13

Birdland- licensed (plus 19 only)

Rome Plows 21:30
Cool Blue Halo 22:30
Tristan Psionic 23:30
Thrush Hermit 0:30
Olympic Death Squad (mark robinson yadda yadda yadda) 1:30

Cafe Ole - all ages

Thursday Toads 18:00
Cleveland Steamer 19:00
Madhat 20:00
Super Friendz 21:00
Change of Heart 22:00

Reflections Cabaret - licensed plus 19 only

State Champs 21:00
Broken Girl 22:00
Duotang 23:00
jale 0:00

*note - Fairweather Johnson, a tribute to Hootie and the Blowfish, is at
the Oasis that night, too!!!! what luck!*

Saturday, September 14

Birdland - plus 19 only

SIANspheric4 21:30
Scud Mountain Boys 22:30
Push Kings 23:30
Change of Heart 0:30

Cafe Ole - all ages

Absolutely Nothing - 18:00 (plumtree-related....)
Trike (featuring Matt Kelly, i think) 19:00
Supercar (the island's only contribution) 20:00
The Chitz (the Coast's cover!) 21:00

Cafe Mokka (not a HoM event, or is it?? i don't think it is)

Sixtoo, DJ Butterfingers and Mural Slave ("jazz and all that")
(no time given...just if you're into local hip hop, i think)

Reflections 19 plus

Mrs. Torrance 21:00
Transister 22:00
Rebecca West 23:00
Giant Sand 0:00

Wormwood's Cinema all-ages, i think

Dusty Sorbet 13:00
Lonnie James 14:00
Urban Surf Kings 16:00

Sunday, Septmeber 15

Birdland all ages finale, i believe

Danko Jones 17:30
Plumtree 18:20
Local Rabbits 19:10
Mavis Piggot 20:00
Elevator To Hell 21:00
Chixdiggit (hey, who let them in? :)  )  22:00

and I think there is a lot of other events going on, such as Halifax on
Media, the rock n' roll carnival, the comix fair, and the annual cinnamon
toast brunch with the amazing piggy and guests. i'm sorry if any of this
turns out to be inaccurate, it's what the coast has printed. i was in
angie fenwick's office today, but didn't obtain an official schedule. if
anyone involved with the festival has more info, please post it now. 

the coast recommends: elevator to hell, scud mountain boys, giant sand,
rome plows, and olympic death squad. 

i recommend everyone go see piggy at the brunch. :) it was the best show
last year, by far. and are you out of towners hoping to meet up with other
sloan net people? does anyone still need places to stay? 

anyway, it's very exciting, hey? :) :)  i think HoM is going to be a heck
of a lot of fun. if you see one of those handsome organizers, you should
hug them.

ps/ apologies to anyone who has written to me and hasn't gotten a reply, i
just finished an intense 3 week orientation at school for my one year
degree program, and i'm still really busy and rarely get online. keep
trying and if possible, use  "twittche\!/is2.dal.ca" from now on. thanks.