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attention all stalkers...

sorry to have deprived you kids of this info but my e-mail was down 
yesterday, so here it is: THE SLOAN TOUR FROM COAST TO COAST!!  There are 
some unconfirmed shows that I will post if they do become confirmed. The 
Eastern dates are with The Local Rabbits and Elevator To Hell & the Western 
dates are with The Inbreds.  Here goes (and this is the full tour so most of 
you have the first few dates anyways):

Sa. Sept. 14   Halifax        Halifax On Music (Birdland)
W. Sept. 18    London         The NAC
Th. Sept. 19   Toronto        MuchMusic Video Awards live performance
F. Sept. 20    Toronto        Concert Hall       (SOLD OUT)
Sa. Sept. 21   Waterloo       U of W - Federation Hall
Su. Sept. 22   Guelph         U of Guelph - Peter Clark Hall
M. Sept. 23    Windsor        Capitol Theatre
W. Sept. 25    tba
Th. Sept. 26   Kingston       Queens University - Grant Hall
F. Sept. 27    Ottawa         Carleton U - Porter Hall
Sa. Sept. 28   St. Catherines Brock University - Isaac's
Su. Sept. 29   Montreal       Spectrum
M  Oct. 2      tba
Th. Oct. 3          Toronto        Concert Hall (Selling out quickly!!)
Sa. Oct. 5     Thunder Bay    Lakehead U - The Outpost
Su. Oct. 6          Winnipeg  The Rendezbous
M. Oct. 7 tent Saskatoon U of Saskatchewan
Tu. Oct. 8          Edmonton  Dinwoody Lounge
W. Oct. 9      Calgary        MacEwan Hall
F. Oct. 11          Vancouver The Rage
Sa. Oct. 12    Victoria       U of Victoria

I believe all of these shows are all ages/licensed or all ages (depending on 
venue) and the university dates are open to the public.  Tickets should be 
on sale by this weekend for all of the Western dates (cannot guarantee this 
but I believe that is what is happening).  I cannot, however, provide you 
with ticket prices or where you can get the tickets in your city, etc. so 
please don't deluge me with e-mail asking those questions.  Try Ticketmaster 
or your cool local record stores that sell tickets.
Hope that has made everyone's day! :-)

P.S., m\!/lissa - outside of the southern Ontario dates it's WAY too far for 
you and your friend to drive to these newly announced shows!