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Re: Sloan interview

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Patrick wrote:

> Hey,
> I have an interview with some grunge band called Sloan, tomorrow.
> Anybody ever heard of them? Anybody have any questions for them?
> For those who asked, the Waterloo show is $12 advance and all-ages
> licensed. It's at Federation Hall on the UW campus.
> patrick
Umm, Do they have an official(unofficial) name for their tour? How about 
the `Filthy Lucre Tour'? Oh that's been taken. ;)  

Actually my serious question for the day for our beloved Sloan is has 
playing large rock festivals like Sunfest, Edenfest and Edgefest(well 
there was only about 5000 people but it had the potential of having up to 
15000) whet their appetites for playing large rock shows? How does 
playing large rock shows compare to playing smaller venues?