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Re: sloan in vox

> >heLLo...........if any niCe caNadian persOna that can buY  VOX would liKe
> >to buy me a copy if i send you stamps and $$ and stuff, pLees let me
> >know.......it would bee nice. thank you mucH!
> Yes, here is an opportunity for someone to make a bit of cash. Just for
> going to the drugstore and picking up a few mags and mailing them. Why
> doesnt someone "volunteer" to do this for the people who cant get this (or
> any other) magazine?
> dARRYl kOHUt

Weel if I am correct in assuming that you are Canadian, then it looks like
you just appointed yourself to this job. 

So to any non-Canadians - if there's ever anything that you can't get
because of your location, just e-mail this fine altruistic fellow and 
he will find, package, and mail it at NO COST.