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jumping on the bandwagon..

hello hello :)

this is sizzle (carol) teen writing to you from transport canada in ottawa! 

i too have a fanzine that i'd like to mention. it's called _in the 
meantime..._, and the latest issue features interviews with sloan, chickpea, 
the maker's mark, and the new grand, as well as a video shoot diary, and the 
usual wackyness.  for info, please e-mail me at nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca

on a related note, all this moving around has made me fall behind in sending 
out zines.  so to anyone and everyone who sent me money before aug. 24, your 
copies have been mailed out.  thank you for your patience :)  to those who 
mailed me later, it might take a while because the letters need to be 
forwarded from home to here.

ok, a little bit of e.c.-ness...  sloan were *supposed to* play another 
secret show at the horseshoe tavern in toronto, on august 30.  but it didn't 
fall through (i think it had something to do with a patty p not being in 
ontario... ;) ) so that's why pluto played.  pluto or sloan... hmm.... 
 "rock candy" or "the lines you amend"... (this info courtesy of an unnamed 
vocalist / guitarist / permi-smirk or -curled lip member of pluto ;) )

also, cecil seaskull (of nerdy girl and sloan net fame :) ) called into 
realtime on saturday and gave canada a cmj update.  and as mentioned before, 
"sloan played fabulously", playing "some of the older classics and new 
songs" to a full house.  attended by 3/4 of pluto, nonetheless ;)  (gee, i 
wonder who's on a pluto-kick right now?)

               ...sizzle teen

p.s.  it *is* SUPER FRIENDZ scrawled on the back wall of the "paste" video!