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Rescheduling the theory of scheduling and iron intake...

>some issues:

>1) why are bands playing at the same time at the HOM festival?  because 
>it makes sense to give people options.  the venues are sufficiently close 
>enough so that you can jump back and forth.  more options means more 
>ticket sales. more ticket sales means more money.  more testicles means 
>more iron.

This is some bright idea.  Unfortunately, the properties of time and space
tend to disagree.  Let's see...how many bands in how many nights?  Do the
math.  Yeah, it's too bad that people have to miss some bands because others
are playing at the same time but that's all part of the festival mentality.
It forces people to make a commitment.  Any band would appreciate the mental
turmoil you had to go through to make your decision.

I'm nothing if not committed...Geneyus.

Oh by the way have you not heard of iron supplements?

Glad all the kidz are back...let the games begin...