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RE: soup

In message Thu, 29 Aug 1996 21:13:07 -0300,
  Mary Agnes Corbett <mcorbett\!/atcon.com>  writes:

> hey -
> just out of curiousity - has anyone read the thursday's chronicle
> herald?  there was an article in there on soup, a cape breton band, the
> self proclaimed *punksters* and *royalty of cape breton alternative* ??
oooh, THAT'S an accomplishment...
> has anyone heard these boys play?  hmmm...

Yeah, actually, I have. I kinda like them.
> every one of their *originals* sounds like one cover or another,
I wouldn't say that, but they do wear their influences on their sleeves,
so to speak.
> the
> singer appears to be in desperate need of looking like he's so damn
> slick, the drummer slows down and speeds up incessantly and the guitar
> player keeps his rockin' image alive by playing with his teeth during
> shows.  sometimes i wonder...
Actually, I find the guys from Soup to be pretty down-to-earth in person,
they're just into showmanship on stage, that's all.
Musically, I find there are comparisons to Southpaw (if anyone's heard of
them), as they share a lot of the same influences. Stylistically they're
miles apart from Sloan or Eric's Trip, so I can understand why some people
on the list may not like them.
> rock stars?
I don't think so.
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