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Geez guys, I know my previous message wasn't interesting or anything, 
but I thought someone would have had the common courtesy to read and
reply to it since there is only like 5 days till HoM and I really need that 

I would really appreciate it if someone could fill me in on who is 
playing at HoM besides Giant Sand, how much a 3 day pass is this 
year, what the schedule is like, and if I am going to be able to pick 
up a pass if I come in on friday afternoon. Also, who is selling the 
passes, dischord?. Is everything happening at Birdland?

Lastly, if Tara Lee is still around, could you drop me a line? I seem 
to have missed you in Calgary over the summer (if anyone else knows 
her e-mail address could you pass it along to me?)

Thanx a bunch,