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unrest's "state champs"

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Victor G. Catano wrote:

> some issues:
> 5) does anyone else see the neat irony of state champs playing at the same 
> festival as mark robinson? 

i believe i do. state champs were named after unrest's debut album. unrest
is no more, but the name of their first album is. sort of.


ps. to the people on here who are keeping track of sloan discographies and
such i remember seeing them featured on a compilation cd called "absolute
90s" some time ago. the song was "coax me" and, er, well that's about all
i remember. if anyone really need to know about this matter i could try
and recall it less vaguely. (ie. go to the store and see if they still
have the disc)

> that's enough for now.
> mdc

no, it isn't: mike where's my tape? 
(you will be mailed the 'zine in
a matter of weeks now)