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Another shameless Zine plug

On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, John Nattrass wrote:

> 3. When the Thrush Hermit cd coming?
>    Will they tour?
	This question is anwered in FULL DETAIL in the new "scandalous" 
Zine 'Marcus Said, "Magazen"'  
	I'll get back to you all about the price and where and when you
can order it.  (they're being printed right now!)
	but they will be hot off the presses and ready for you priviledged
people attending the HOM fest.

hope this wasn't too annoying.....
EX-Coach Jules, FORMER Seductress of Young Men (and asshole bass players!)
			still RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire
					now even more an All-around Riotgrrl