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Re: Questions

>1. I want "the gordon street haunting" it sold out maybe a month before I
>tried to    get it. does anyone know a way to get.

Used cd stores, some cd stores *maybe* on the net

>2. Are the Eric's Trip 7" from summershine still available?
>   Whats the address?

I dunno

>3. When the Thrush Hermit cd coming?
>   Will they tour?

the cd should be out early 97, and I'm told to expect an ep sometime in the

>4. What do the following sloan songs come from: 

from the "I am The Cancer" cd single and the "take it in" promo cd, sadly
both have been deleted from the MCA catalogs. So you can't get them, unless
you find them used or someone dubs them for you

>guidence counselor  

from a flexi disc included in an issue of Chart magazine, I believe they are
sold out as of now. 

>5. What the latest word on the sloan tour for western dates?

no tour dates are confirmed for western canada as or yet, I believe Cory
from MCA said she would post them ASAP.


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