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Re: Halifax ON Music FESTIVAL(fwd)

Well lets see..
if you drove non-stop from london ontario to halifax the quickest route it
24hrs 11 min (the joys of automap!)
so if you drove really fast and left now you could be there around this time
tommorow night...
it said *halifax* on music festival.
it's in halifax :)

>In a message dated 96-09-04 18:55:42 EDT, you write:
>hey guyS can someone pulllease tell me where BIRDLAND is cuz i wanna see
>sloan...and well.....i liVe in michigan (1/2 hour detroit radius) and i want
>to know where that place is so i can get my stick-shift driving friend to
>take us......if this IS EVEN a PLACe  let me know how far from detroit is
>please......thank a buNch...m\!/lissa,....
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