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whiz kid fanzine #2

hiya everybody :)

it's been soooooo long since whiz kid fanzine #1 came out but now after many
many months whiz kid fanzine #2 is finally out!! :)

to get it send $2.00 to me:

Ms. D'Arcy R. Flueck
8 Benson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 2H6

it has interviews with jale, the super friendz, the local rabbits, al tuck,
an inbreds' tour diary and much much more!! :) 

i also have a few copies of whiz kid fanzine #1left  if anyone is interested,
it has interviews with jay ferguson, plumtree and broken girl. it also costs
two bucks.

email me if you are interested in trading and elizabeth c. i'll send a copy
out to you pronto (i *love* boy watch :) ).


-=- D'Arcy -=-