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Re: my grand theory

Jason Peter Schad wrote:
> So her is my grand theory.  My friend Adam Kempa posted it
> awhile ago, but he told me to re-post it incase he forgot
> some details.
> Okay!  In 1986, Chris Murphy and Jennifer Pierce attended
> their high school prom together.  One could interperet this
> to mean that they were involved, right?  So in the year 1995,
> Jale records a song called "Nine Years Now." 95-9=86.  In the song
> which Jenny wrote, she sings, "And after I die/ You will surely
> cry/ I gave mine to you."  An outright rip off of the bridge
> from "Coax Me" [And don't get me wrong, I have nothing against
> Jale.  "Closed" is excellent work].  Coax me was written by
> Murphy.  which leads me to belive that "9 Years Now" is about
> Chris Murphy and her and a possibly strained relationship.
> Okay! So I thought of that one about 4 months ago.  Now here's
> the new part of my theory.  I have not discussed this with anyone.
> On the new album, as everyone knows, there is a great song called
> "G turns to D".  In this Murphy song, he sings "The songs are all
> about you...","She's aware it's all been done before...this ones
> all about me","I wish I'd never taught her/ How to play, I knew
> she'd get me/ I should have known...".  Sounds like he's
> talking about someone who ripped  off one of hhis songs.
> Maybe "Coax Me"?
> Well that's it.  the only drawback, is that they were friendly
> to each other when I saw them at the 89X Bash here in Detroit.
> Gimme feedback.  Let me know what you
> think. If any of the member of Sloan should read this, I'm sorry.  I've
> become one of those people "Can't Face Up" is about.
> Jason Schad

	Jason the song G turns to D is about Laura Borealis! Ask adam he 
will tell you in detail. Oh and the show in windzor is on the 23rd on a 
monday night later.