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SO I thought that I would introduce myself.  The name is Dave.  And I
live in Austin Tx. USA.  I lived in Vancouver, B.C. for about four years
in my life, while in Canada I got into all the def bands that Canada
breed's.  Like Chixdiggit, Huevos Rancherous, Cub, Barenaked Ladies, and
most of all Sloan.  Some of my other fav bands include Nirvana, NIN,
Noise Addict, Helmet, Soul Coughing, Beck, Shonen Knife, and the above
mentioned bands also!!  Well I just thought it would be cool to let ya'll
know a little about me. Oh I also play guitar!!  So if Iam off topic than
I will now remedy that problem.  Are there any plans for Sloan coming to
the states to tour for there new album??  If so will they headline there
own tour or will they just open for some other cool Canadian band??  If
anyone has any US tour info I would love to know when they would be
coming to Austin or the San Antonio area.  I would even go as far to
Houston or Dallas to catch the show!!  Thank you and I hope that this
list is as fun as the other lists that Iam on!!!