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Re: lyrics

In a message dated 96-09-06 17:57:14 EDT, you write:

>aww!!!! geez....you shouldnt have told him that!!! now everyone in the
>contest will have the answer and that means less of a chance for people who
>knew the answer on there own to win... ah well

I'm *Really**Really* sorry about all this, as I rarely use www stuff and
wasn't even aware that this was being asked in relation to the contest, as I
hadn't seen the questions. I can help you out with some tougher lyrics to
guess if you want. whoops!
Also, I believe the line is "go to him stay with _him_ if you can" if you
wanna get nitpicky, but my copy of the song is wearing out. I'll check the
Joni Mitchell Version Tommorrow when I am capable of Intelligent thought that
isn't hindered by school related sleep depravation.  

Just so I don't post more than once, those of you inquiring about the windsor
here's the info:

M. Sept. 23    Windsor        Capitol Theatre
tickets have yet to go on sale, but I'll include it as a PS or something when
they do.
Any questions send to me, not the list, as it is an EC list, and windsor
doesn't exactly count as a local show for most of us.

FInally, as has become my regular habit, I'll ask if people have X and if
they'll tape it/trade it. You can safely press delete now.

Things I need dubbed copies of:

- early generation copy of amped
- ditto of sleepover
- ditto of case of you
- the last eric's trip show.

Thank you kindly,