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Answers and a shameless Zine Plug

On Sat, 7 Sep 1996, Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub R U L Z ! ! ! wrote:

> I will now remedy that problem.  Are there any plans for Sloan coming to
> the states to tour for there new album??  If so will they headline there
> own tour or will they just open for some other cool Canadian band??  If
> anyone has any US tour info I would love to know when they would be
> coming to Austin or the San Antonio area.  I would even go as far to
> Houston or Dallas to catch the show!!  

	at the show in NYC Pat told me that they'll be doing an east coast
tour (of the US i mean) sometime in October.  but they won't be going very
south.   like to Boston and NYC and Buffalo and whatever.  someone
wanted them to come to Atlanta and he said that's too far south.  anyways
i'm going to try and book them \!/ NYU (after all we've had Archers of Loaf,
Yo La Tengo, and the Inbreds last year :)   hope everything works out!


ps    HEY KIDS! Look for mine and Kelly Ruberto's zine: 'Marcus
Said,"Magazen"' premiering at the HOM fest! inside will be interviews with
the Super Friendz, Thrush Hermit, Local Rabbits and Thrush Hermit's merch
boys Tim and Shawn, Brian's (cklutz) article on Public Displays of
Affection, Kelly's Zine Oracle, and Coach Jule's column on Dating dilemas
( a juicy MUST READ!)

pps I knew were Sloan were staying in NYC and I didn't Stalk them! Do i
get some kind of award? ;)

EX-Coach Jules, FORMER Seductress of Young Men (and asshole bass players!)
			still RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire
					now even more an All-around Riotgrrl