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Sloan show in NYC

hey bois and grrls,
	So I ALSO was there for the show at the Luna Lounge.  I missed the
Lucky err Local Rabbits. I did see most of the rest of the bands but left
for awhile to go in search of a bar that would serve a Mudslide.  I came
back to hear the last song of Olivia Tremor Control and all of Number One
Cup which bored me to tears.
	Sloan came on next. The place was packed.The sound system at the
place totally sucked and distorted most if not all of the vocals. here's
the set list which i stole from the stage after:
The Good in Everyone
Coax Me
G turns to D
Can't face up
Bells On
The Lines you Amend
Nothing Left to Make me want to stay
Everything You've done wrong
Anyone who's Anyone
Before I do

	Of course it was great to hear Bells On when your actually in the
city Chris is singing about. :)
Chris was also sporting a blue and metallic silver Pluto sticker on his
tee shirt (hey carol it was a different shirt that i've never seen
Chris sang Before I do because they couldn't get Andrew a mike. and he
said that the new name of this song was something on the order of named
after a chef or something :P   he also said that the only good part of the
song was the ending and how he didn't get to do the real one.
	so anyways the set was awesome even with the sound problems. I was
supposed to do an interview with the Murphster after but i forgot my tape
recorder.  he's supposed to call me today to arrange it. but being the
busy rockstar he is he has meetings all day and told me he'd surprise
me.whatever that means. I'll be wait with 'Bells On' ;)  oh yeah..the fuck
you signs that Chris was giving were in true RAWKSTAR fashion. ;)  and
Pat's haircut is sooooooooooooooooooo cute.  
	hey all Sloan video stars:
Pat said the video will be out in like 2 weeks or something. yea!!!!!!!!   

ok so that's my 2 cents worth.  gotta go so i can wait around my phone for
the Murph to call *wink*  

ps Chris says all of us Sloan Netters are crazy. hahah he doesn't know the
half of it!

ps there was this grrl for Chicago there for some record label.  she said
that she's putting out a Sloan 7" like soon or something.  anybody got any
details....she left before i could get any. :(

EX-Coach Jules, FORMER Seductress of Young Men (and asshole bass players!)
			still RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire
					now even more an All-around Riotgrrl