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the great sloan mystery...

Umm...some ppl on this list might think I`m stupid for saying this, but I
really don`t know wether to take the rockologist on One Chord to Another
seriously when he says there is a puzzle or something to be deciphered on
this particular CD. Since sloan have kind of a self-admitted sixties sound,
they might have done what the beatles (I think) did, which is put a hidden
message in one of their songs that can be deciphered a certain way, and you
have to know how. Sloan are probably reading this and thinking, "what an
idiot, we should take her Sloan CDs away and refuse her to be a Sloan fan!"
Well, I`m sorry boys, but I really don`t know what to say..is there a hidden
truth or not? I don`t really know what to expect of you since you`ve done
numerously strange, yet cool, things in the past. Chris licked a CD once.
Ew. Well, I realize this was long, if you`re still reading, then you`re cool
in my book. Anyways, write to me and tell me what an idiot I am, or if you
actually want to tease me, you could tell me there IS a puzzle. Well, see ya
kids! Bye from: Jovana the self-proclaimed idiot.