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some issues:

1) why are bands playing at the same time at the HOM festival?  because 
it makes sense to give people options.  the venues are sufficiently close 
enough so that you can jump back and forth.  more options means more 
ticket sales. more ticket sales means more money.  more testicles means 
more iron.

2) the "rockologist" thing is a joke.  there is no "puzzle."

3) the "label from chicago" is flydaddy, who put out the richard davies 
album that murderecords liscenced in canada some cardinal records, as 
well as the new cd by the olivia tremor control.  are number one cup on 
flydaddy?  i don't think so, but who knows ...  

4) 6FS are not playing at dal on the 8th.  great big sea are.

5) does anyone else see the neat irony of state champs playing at the same 
festival as mark robinson? 

that's enough for now.