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Chico Sanchez? plus babble...

>Umm...some ppl on this list might think I`m stupid for saying this, but I
>really don`t know wether to take the rockologist on One Chord to Another
>seriously when he says there is a puzzle or something to be deciphered on
>this particular CD. Since sloan have kind of a self-admitted sixties sound,

speaking of that little bit'o'witticism...
who is this Chico Sanchez, anyway?
he's a helluva funny guy.

facetiously yours,
(because 'facetious' has all five vowels in it - *in order*!)

a l e x

(excuse me. yet another year of high school is looming in front of me.. I
have a right to some levity, even 
if it's really cheesy.
don't I?)

PS You Haligonians are damned lucky people. there hasn't been a weekend of
music in Toronto 
as good as HOM in a long time. ;P