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Moon Rocks

	Hi everyone.  Us New Yorkers have been getting more then our share
of E.C. content lately as Sloan played the Luna Lounge last night, only
weeks after their appearance at Brownies.  First some sad news; Chris
informed me that, while Sloan's in New York, Jale unfortunately had to
stay home for a funeral, and will not be playing the Saturday show CMJ had
	Anyway, while I have a captive audience I might as well describe
how I started the evening (you know, so you can get the full experience... 
Warning, if you're looking for E.C. content, you might want to skip this
paragraph).  So, I passed on the Local Rabbits in an effort to catch the
Lookout show with Pansy Division, The Mr. T Experience, and The Queers. 
Quite the bill, in my opinion.  My friend and I showed up and I found out
this was an opinion I shared with a lot of others as the show was sold
out.  As we were walking away, someone said to my friend, "Hey, 'Weston',
that's a cool shirt," and we turned around and it was Joe Queer himself. 
He was like "How's it going.  My bands playing tonight, you should check
us out."  So we told him it was sold out, so he said he'd put us on the
guest list.  "Just give me ten minutes."  "Great," we thought.  We went
for a little walk and then came back to the club, and who do we meet on
line but Joe Sib, of the band Wax (They had that Spike Jonze video with
the guy on fire.) We chatted with him, and he told us Wax broke up but he
has a new band, and said he would put us on the guest list for their show
Saturday night.  "Just give me your names when you get inside, 'cause I
really want to check these guys out."  He said as he hurried inside.  That
was the last we saw of him because we found out we weren't on the Queers
list, and got turned away again.
	Oh well.  I knew the homeboys from Halifax wouldn't disappoint, so
we went down to the Luna Lounge, and were pleasently surprised to find the
show was free.  We had missed the Rabbits, and I forget the names of the
three bands that went on before Sloan, but I don't have anything good to
say about them.  One band was from Athens, Georgia, and should have been
called Jack Kevourian, because they were really good at killing patience. 
(Okay, that sounds better than it reads...)  The guys in Sloan seemed a lot
less relaxed than their last show.  Maybe because it was "Murderecords
Night", I don't know.  And Pat has short hair again!  Despite the troubled
sound system, they played really well.  And fast too; this set made Two
Seater sound like Loosens.  I think their set went like this (they brought
a set list this time, but it was very smeared (how ironic) and I couldn't
read it): First The Good in Everyone (sans intro, I think...), Coax Me, G
-> D, Can't Face Up, Bells On into Lines you Amend... (Hmm... my memory's
a little shaky at this part, so if anyone who was there can correct me
feel free, but I think it went like this) Nothing Left..., Everything
You've Done Wrong, Anyone who's Anyone, and Before I Do which they
introduced as "Shemp" (?) and Chris sang (and mumbled), and took off his
bass, jumped on a small table in front of the stage (I moved a drink out
of his way), and let out a few screams. 
	So, there you have it.  Jay appeared to be very energetic, and
Chris gave the crowd the finger a lot, for some unknown reason.  I think
they had more energy than the Brownies show, perhaps because they went on
at almost 2 am.  Despite it being label night, I didn't notice them
pushing the new album as much.  Oh, and did someone mention "Take it in",
a few posts ago?  Well, I get the feeling that if you go to a Sloan show
hoping to hear pre-Twice Removed you're going to be dissappointed. 
	Gee, that was longer than I expected; sorry about that.  Just 
doing my part to let you all know what you're missing down in the 
States.  Bye,