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Your at this funeral...I'm in New York....

hello bois and grrls,
	We'll tonight's the BIG Sloan/Local Rabbits show in good ol' NYC
(and this time i'll actually be present to witness it!)  So anyways anyone
on here that's in the area its at the Luna Lounge on Ludlow St. and i
think it'll start around 9:30 or so 'cause there's like 5 bands or so on
the venue.  A funny thing is that in the Village Voice they said it was
the *Lucky Rabbits*  hahahah! Even a fine paper like that needs some
proofreaders! anyways if anyone is going, look for the enibriated grrl
with the Doc M's and the pale blue Smugglers shirt.  that would be me. :)

btw if anybody cares... (WARNING this has no EC content)
	last night the Slater-Kinney show here was amazing! Luscious
Jackson played as a surprise and it was the first time ever that they
played their new songs.  They were wicked.  (if your still reading this
then your a sweetheart!)
yours till Niagara Falls,
EX-Coach Jules, FORMER Seductress of Young Men (and asshole bass players!)
			still RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire
					now even more an All-around Riotgrrl