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Re: Your at this funeral...I'm in New York....

>hello bois and grrls,
>	We'll tonight's the BIG Sloan/Local Rabbits show in good ol' NYC
>(and this time i'll actually be present to witness it!)  So anyways anyone
>on here that's in the area its at the Luna Lounge on Ludlow St. and i
>think it'll start around 9:30 or so 'cause there's like 5 bands or so on
>the venue.  A funny thing is that in the Village Voice they said it was
>the *Lucky Rabbits*  hahahah! Even a fine paper like that needs some
>proofreaders! anyways if anyone is going, look for the enibriated grrl
>with the Doc M's and the pale blue Smugglers shirt.  that would be me. :)
>btw if anybody cares... (WARNING this has no EC content)
>	last night the Slater-Kinney show here was amazing! Luscious
>Jackson played as a surprise and it was the first time ever that they
>played their new songs.  They were wicked.  (if your still reading this
>then your a sweetheart!)
>yours till Niagara Falls,

Well I was at the Sloan/Scratching Post  show at Brownies last week, and
although it was a very special moment for me to finally see my first Sloan
show (and Post too, who were marvelous), it was too damn short!! I don't
think Sloan played for a half hour even. They were only an opening act. Ugh
what a tease. Only two old songs. Mmmm, I really wanted to hear "Take It
I don't think I can endure that kind of torture again, since I suspect
tonight's show will be the same deal. Besides, I''m too tired from seeing a
terrific show last night. Elliot Smith/Lois+friends/Low/Versus. It may be a
blasphemous thing to say in these parts, but Versus are the rockinest.

Hmmm, more east coast content...i went to college in New Brunswick, New Jersey?

a certified sweetheart,