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wedding bells, batman smells

hello sloan net, i have another happy message for you.

todd calder, the very nice guitarist with the long hair in his eyes from
halifax's own trike, was married to his true love clare this past weekend
in a lovely outdoor ceremony somewhere near st. margaret's bay. the happy
couple is honeymooning in europe now. local uber guitarist matt kelly will
be taking over for todd for the next few trike shows - this in addition to
his stint with the inbreds. yowza.

also, there are two gig announcements for the halifax area:

friday night, plumtree's coming home from the gigantic tour gig happens at
the oasis. they will be joined by the abnormals. i am sorry, i don't know
the time or price of this show. but the gig posters are to die for.

sadly, i will not be attending, as bob and lori's will be hosting an
amazing lineup of: allan tuck (it sez so on the gig poster), matt grimson,
and......the preppy relatives!! hooray!! only five bones, starts around
930 or so. how come this always happens? weeks of no shows, then two good
shows at the same time?

and i'm NOT complaining, but why are there so many GREAT bands playing the
halifax on music festival at the exact same time as other GREAT bands? i
know, i know, all festivals are like that. but why are they making us
choose between giant sand and change of heart? why do we have to choose
between the rome plows and the state champs? all i can say is, thank you
for making sure sloan plays after everyone else is done, i am a happy
girl. :) anyway, it's very exciting and it looks like everyone did a lot
of work to make this festival great. i hope to see some of you out there.

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