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ON and ON and ON...

Dear listies,

        Halifax On Music Festival: Friday show.  

        What time does the earliest one start?  Where is this first 
show?  In fact, where are all the shows?  What time should stranded 
Islanders leave for the mecca of sound and shmoozing, taking into 
consideration the 5 travelling hours?  And will there be a schedule 
posted to Sloannet, since there aren't any here in pei as yet?

        thank you.
- karen

PS: could the following people please drop me a line:
            * Carol the Sizzly Not-So-Teen
            * Tara Lee Wittchen
            * Heather Harkins, if she's out there.
            * Daria Gamliel, the tradesy person
            * villanovan Ryan