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bg show!!


this weekend here in ottawa i saw broken girl and plumtree at a free concert..
 "alternafest"..  it was outside the national gallery, which is a nice place,
except for the lack of shade. it was about a billion degrees out. 

anyways, julie was lovely.. she's the best. she started with 'beautiful
voice', off purple blue. i love that song. she played lots of songs of her
album, plus new ones that i'd heard the two other times i've seen her this
summer.  and 'so fast', off the squirtgun records comp. that is probably my
fave bg song. 

and, she announced that she is expecting another baby!!!!    i'm so happy for
her.. it think in april. or sometime around then. 

i talked to her, and she also told me that elevator to hell are touring with
sloan! i can't wait. she says rick is nervouse. it'll be such a great show.
and it's coming to ottawa.....

hmmmmm.... what else? mike feverstack (sp) of snailhouse/ woodenstars says
that matieu, the bass player, has left the woodenstars. their new keyboard
player is temporarily playing bass. but he says they've not broken up. they'll
find someone else.

and plumtree were good, very cute. good pop music. i wasn't overly impressed,
but they were fun to see.    weeping tile were playing too, but i was dying of
heat and couldn't bear to stay.

and, that's the gossip.........     goodbye!