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Underwhelmed promo

I've recently found an extra underwhelmed promo single, and am offering it
for trade.  Please note that this only has one track, and comes in a
cardboard sleeve, no case. Also note that I am not selling or auctioning this
off. This is only for trade.  If nobody's got anything below that I need than
I've already got someone to sell it to.  Also note (wow, lotsa notes) that
this is my general want list, I'm not saying I'll trade it straight up for
everything on here, but most things.  Please don't flood my mailbox, Only
make an offer if you've got something listed below.
Thank you, adam

Adam's lengthy want list:

-Beck/Bean Flipside 7"
-Western Golden Harvest 10" (First pressing, fingerpaint Records)

Eric's  Trip:
-Any Pre Subpop Original Tapes
-Songs about Chris _CD_
-Belong 7"
-Opening song 7"
-Purple Blue promo CD
-Love Tara Vinyl
-Notes From Stereo Mountain 7"

Elevator to hell
-part 1 LP

-Lovelife Japanese Import Dbl CD with album + Live CD

-Anything besides 2 CD's and subpop 7"

-underwhelmed 12" or 3 song CD
-I am the cancer 12"
-Sugartune 1 track promo CD
-coax me 1 track promo CD
-Back to the garden Joni Mitchell Comp CD
-Hear and now CKDU CD
-Cod can't hear CD

-El Scorcho CD single
-any vinyl