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EC shows fri and sat in T.O.

friday august 30th:

plumtree, local rabbits, and radioblaster sans new grand:

plumtree opened to a small, early crowd but played really good.  i think
radioblaster could go somewhere, but they lost my attention after the third
song.  the new grand couldn't come because they were stuck at their video
shoot till 1 am.  they were filming in a foot of water all day.  and the
local rabbits slam banged a rocking set ending with Ryan spraying a beer
bottle over himself.  drew from super friendz and chris murphy(who's he???)
were also in attendance.  
another note about this Ultrasound show.  i think tables and chairs should
be outlawed in these places.  if they want to sit the whole fucking time,  i
think they should have to pay for their seat.  i try to stand alone up
front, then have people yelling at me that they cant see.  of course you
idiot, you siting and you can't see beyond my back.  to resolve the problem,
stand up!

saturday august 31st:

cne bandshell shows; 

i missed broken girl, heard plumtree on the radio(partially), and saw local
midway through the local rabbits set, ben was telling some stories when one
of them included a sign that they found on their bus.  It seems that
Plumtree had placed a sign on the rabbits bus that said "Fucking chumps".
ben stated this not once, but twice, they Ryan also stated "fucking chumps"
over the loud speakers there.  after the next song, Pete was called aside by
some dude and was talking with him for some time.  when pete started walking
back to the stage, Jason asked him what happened, and when it was obvious
that pete told jason they were kicked off, jason kicked his drum kit across
the stage which ryan had to jump over.  jason then went over to the guy who
told them to leave and started poking the guy in the chest and before he let
some fists fly, ryan and pete pulled him away.  it became the running joke
the rest of the night, that all the rest of the bands purposely swore and
added swear words in their songs where they weren't there originally.  but,
they weren't kicked off the stage.