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I hear the new issue of tally has come out.  Well, durn it, I doubt my
local bookstore will carry it.  You haligoons are lucky fellars, yes you
are.  That there tally is one the best gosh-darn zines I've read in a long
time. Where  else are you going to find out that bret anderson (lead singer
o' suede) and Ron Bates have the same favortie book, or that karl lagerfeld
and Julie Claytor hate the same types of people?  Heather harkin really
does a great job on this, and she helps out the indie community  by putting
huge zine and record label index in teh back of every issue (at least all
thge ones I have).  No excuse for u guys in haliax not to gobble these up.

Oh, heather, if you're reading this can we work out a trade for issue #4.

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