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Neat Moonsocket Fact:
After the last song on the first side of the Subpop Moonsocket 7", There is a
long, monotonous tone, and at the very end, some mumbling.  Take it to that
point, spin the record backwards and you get chris saying "Stare eeeeeee
oooooooohhhhhh Moooooun tiiinnnnnnnn." Neat!  I love trivial Information.

Could someone who knows exactly which prior releases the songs on the
deriviative Moonsocket CD came from, as well as of any songs that were with
them but didn't make it, please e-mail me.  I'll be your best friend.

Anyway, The other purpose of this post is to apologize for my wastes of
bandwidth, etc.
If my past 5 or so messages to the whole list have seemed like they should
have been through personal mail, well, they should have, It's just when I hit
reply, it automatically inserts the list's address now, instead of the
senders address like it used to.  oh well, I think I've got the hang of it