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sunshine and light (including ec content!)

hey sloanners,

small aussie reporting.

all is well here, and all is very cold and rainy and wet, that's what you
get for living in melbourne in spring.

on my uni radio station i have had rather sucessful interviews with smudge
and nic dalton (ex lemonhead and godstar man).  anyone interested mail me
and i'll send transcripts.

also, i'm very looking forward to (actually i'm way excited about) seeing
archers of loaf and weezer, (on seperate tours) both in Australia in

anyone know if sloan are jetsetting this way?  that'd be really cool if
someone could find out whether they plan to tour at all to australia.  i'd
also be really keen to interview them for the uni radio station so if
anyone has any way i can contact them by phone or something, i'd be real

thanking you if you've made it this far, now i shall migrate for my ec content.

i've only just got hold of octa and on first listen i was kinda
apprehensive 'cause of the mixed reviews i had read on sloannet but i have
grown to love it and appreciate it as another step in a varied musical
direction that keeps sloan from being a stagnant rock band churning out
similar sounding albums.

love their work.


p.s. now you'll all have to reply about a sloan aussie tour 'cause i'm
hanging on here....

p.p.s. is there such a thing as a slonnet t-shirt? if so details puh-lese..!

p.p.p.s. hope the meeting of sloanneters went well, i was there in spirit.


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