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sloan sighting

   A whole slew of people and I went to the Ex last night to see Change of
Heart (who were great and very sweaty) and the Rheostatics (getting better
but still not quite my thing), and who should show up but... well, the
drummer from Our Lady Peace was there, but like I could give a shit.  No, we
spotted this kind of fat guy - I think he was from Sloan - surrounded by a
group of teenage girls.  Yes folks, it was Chris "full grown man" Murphy in
all his glory.  As usual I didn't go up to him (what would little ol' me
have to say to a BIG rock star like him??) but my friend Lisa did and she
tried on his glasses.  He said he was thinking of throwing them out.
     Boy, I'm sure that was hellishly exciting for all of you... I feel like
one of those newspaper reporters who were doing the Rolling Stones Watch
when they were in TO last summer... "Keith Richards buys Maalox!"  Think
I'll go back to bed.
          on with the show,

  "all this tension back and forth
   it's just the beauty of the ride"