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Re: Sloan will be appearing live on much music

On Fri, 30 Aug 1996 13:27:50 -0400 **shawn morris** <shawnm\!/webgate.net>
>As the subject says, Sloan will be preforming on this years MuchMusic 
>awards. The show will air on Sept.19th and things begin around 8:00pm 
>Also performing will be Hayden amongst others.

heLLo.....i live in the US so unfoooortunatly i get MTV not
muchmusic......is there anyone out there who would bee willing to tape
the awards for me? i could send you a tape or sum $$$ for tape and
postage and stuff.......please........i'd bee luvin' you for
life.......please email me at      twiceremoved\!/juno.com     if you
could......i'd do it for you if i could!  thank you much.