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hi everybody :)

yesterday was the sloan net gathering at futures -- it was pretty fun, there
were some new faces there and that was cool. my favourite part would have to
be the chocolate strawberry mousse cake i had and then later getting one of
carol's kero kero keroppi candies (yum..).

after hanging at the bakery for a while we moved on to rotate this and got
some stuff.

then we went over to the horseshoe and carol scheduled an interview with the
smugglers for 6:30 so we all walked over to the ultrasound and who should we
see but the local rabbits! catherine stockhausen was there as well.

then we walked back to the horseshoe and carol did the interview with nick
and dave -- they were totally nice! ooo, i love the smugglers! :) they were
pretty keen to see the local rabbits and plumtree at the ultrasound and i was
going totally mental to see danko jones at the horseshoe, so grant put us all
on the guest list.

then we walked back to the ultrasound to tell the loco rabs and plumtree that
the smugglers wanted them to pop over and who should we see at the
ultrasound? but chris murphy and marc brown! 

anyways, i'll skip a whole bunch of stuff. but we went to go hang out at the
second cup and then later on i met one of the rappers in the dream warriors
(the one that kind of looks like joseph simmons from run-dmc).

the local rabbits/radioblaster/plumtree show was pretty fun! the new grand
didn't show up but oh well.. 

the few people who missed the local rabbits to see the smugglers said they
had the most amazing time of their lives! unfortunately not of them won the
dancing contests or kissing contests! ;)

anyways, i hope to see all of you out at the phono-comb show tonight!


-=- D'Arcy -=-