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OCTA US Release

Hey everyone.  I'm not sure if this has been posted yet,
but I *just* found out that the US release of "One
Chord to Another" is set for Sept 24th.  It's a Geffen

This may be useful to any other US residents who haven't
picked up the record yet or ordered it from Murder.

In fact, for net users, CD Now has the new disc available
for pre-order now for only $10.49 (US), plus shipping,
so that may save you a buck or two versus mail order via
snail mail.  They can be reached at http://cdnow.com/
and they can ship anywhere, so this may be useful to
those outside the US and Canada as well.

Well, Ta for now.  Sorry if this has been mentioned
before, but I just found out myself... I've been a little
slow lately.  ;-)