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hfx show reviews

last night/the bike shop/piggy+ dusty sorbet+ rain (?)-free show
 -missed dusty (he +drummer benn played a somewhat abbreviated set as 
  benn was performing in a fringe play immediately after), next up were 
  an acoustic duo with wonderful harmonies & songs of anger (my ani difranco
  loving roommate thought them very cool)...piggy performed for well over 
  an hour, giving away stuffed toys,stickers,& a piggy manifesto (to 
  "strike fear into the hearts of multinational death corporations with
   scathing commentary,special effects & melody-making"...it written on
  nonthreatening pink pig stationary). "Emma Goldman" was dedicated to the
  hfx police (who "shut down" a free vegetarian potluck (by orders of the 
  library staff?) on sat...anyone know the deal with this?). Piggy are 
  always so happy & inspiring! Ok,I'll shut up now:) ........kat

PS since no one mentioned it cool blue halo also did a stellar set last 
fri night including another psychedelic furs 80s cover & more of their 
signature catchy pop tunes (srting to sound like i'm in the band:)...a very 
cheesy lounge act (the swing kings) opened the show with 
lots of sinatra standards & clinking glasses...oh & broken girl played 
shediac last tues night (about35min, a song in french,a haunting 
crumble which became grammy,respectful silence & teary eyes)..julie says 
she'll be recording in memphis around christmas time & just started doing 
a radio show(gossip:)...that night was opened by forgotten valley gene pool,
mostly a guy with a guitar (self proclaimed "most depressing person" he 
knows) with a honeyed evan dando-like voice & really pretentious awful lyrics

 "I'm not really in to that kind of music but you've got talent.
  You just need to get yourself a backup band"
    -drunk "redneck" woman at the hotel bar, to julie