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"we are gathered here today..."

hi, this is just a quick note for those who are contemplating attending the
toronto sloannet-ers get together at future's bakery on queen st. tomorrow
afternoon at 1 p.m. (no, you don't need to arrive at 1!  we'll probably be
sticking around for a couple of hrs...)

although d'arcy didn't request an rsvp, we're just curious as to how many
people are thinking about attending.... so drop me (sizzle_teen\!/tvo.org) or
d'arcy (Whiz_Kid\!/tvo.org) a line :)

oh, and for the sake of those who haven' t met us (d'arcy is exciting, but
i'm quite bland ;) ), d'arcy has long brown curly hair and wears glasses. 
me?  oh, i have shoulder length "black" (although i tried dying it
reddish...) hair and i wear glasses as well.  and for the sake of simplicity,
i'll be wearing a dumb (green) murderecords t-shirt :)  (you know, the only
one i own ;) )

EC content: anybody know if the wonderful al tuck will be releasing anything