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re: rita

On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, Julianna Jee wrote:

> sorry guys but we (d'arcy and i) heard from dino at cbc (rita and friends) 
> that jale cancelled their performance,  he said that they might try and play 
> in october.
> well, we hope to see you all tomorrow at the sloan net gathering at the 
> future bakery (735 queen street west, around two blocks west of bathurst, 
> on the south side), cause we have lots of gossip and the only way you're 
> going to hear it is if you come!
> check ya!
> d'arcy and jules!
just for people like me who are total morons when it comes to directions, to 
get to the futures she is talking about go 
straight to queen station then take a westbound streetcar to bathurst and 
walk the next two blocks ...happy hunting.... :P

directional assistant
and assorted cow tool operator

dead bettie