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On Fri, 30 Aug 1996 cklutz\!/buffnet.net wrote:

> Who here knows what SOCAN is???????

It is the organization which ensures that all musicians, authors, etc., 
are paid the royalties due to them via radio/tv/club play.  

By obtaining a free membership with SOCAN, a musician is able to 
copyright his/her material.  So, it's essentially the Canadian equivalent 
to ASCAP or BMI.

All radio stations are required to pay a fee to SOCAN who will then
monitor them according to the type of station or wattage etc.  For
example, the local campus station gets 3 days of monitoring per year. 
That's not much - it probably won't help the pocketbooks of the bands
played over those days.  I do believe it takes a few plays to actually
make one cent.  

Hope this helps.  I can't quite remember all the particulars.

- Kent