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Eric's Trip Stuff.

1. Someone posted recently that SUB POP wasn't going to be doing the E.T.
Live Album.  Is anyone going to be doing it?  Do you think that Anyone would
have a problem with a Bootleg CD a la all the nirvana ones you see at record

2. If anyone knows of anyway to get an extra 'Belong' or 'Float' 7", let me
know. I can offer Songs about Chris 7", or some other goodies for trade.

3. At the Lee's palace sappy tour show, a friend of mine interviewed julie...
and here's a short excerpt that I found pretty interesting.  If anyone wants
to do a tape trade for a copy of the interview or that show, let me know.

Q: Do you ever play shows with Elevator to hell, like tonight, with
A: No, I don't think I've ever done any with elevator to hell.
Q: Would you be comfortable doing it?
A: Probably Not.  No.


(About Eric's Trip)
Q: Do you miss it at all?
A: yeah, being on tour makes me miss it even more, because we had been
playing every night and I loved playing with them, and we were getting really
really good at it,
Like getting good at following each other and learning how to just work with
each other, rather than just...like three years ago when it wasn't nearly so
tight, like now, if we played, we knew what was coming next, and if somebody
improvised then we knew how to like... It was just, I really loved it and I
was really really really upset that we quit in the middle of the tour
Q: Was it a group decision?
A: No, It was NOT a group decision, but Rick can't be made to do anything he
doesn't want to do, so...


A: That's the weird thing is, we all still really get along, like, I just
recorded 10 songs at ricks house a few weeks ago, and I was just talking
about this with the person who used to manage us and, it seems that rick is
still into Eric's Trip, It was just something he had to do to take elevator
to hell farther a bit, so...so...that's all I'm gonna say right now, but I
feel that it's not over forever, but if we were to talk to rick...I couldn't
talk to Rick about it, He would have to be the one to come around.  I think
that it's sort of in his head that he'd like to...
Q: So you think Eric's Trip could possibly pull a Sloan and end up coming
back together?
A: Well, right now, it's not supposed to, But I feel like it's not over...If
you wanted to ask rick today, he'd probably tell you right now, 'No.' But i
feel like, like today, I just found out that there's a chance that we could
put a song on a kind of compilation thing, and our old manager was taliking
to Rick about it and rick seemed up for it, and I was really surprised, so
that's one of the reasons I think he's still into it, he just doesn't want to
do it right now.

(At this point, Chris says in the backround: "Aw yeah, gatorade! Now we're
talking!" then they talk about the last show, etc. and i'm too lazy to type
it out.

4. Who sings always there? is that Chris?

5. On the first Moonsocket CD, on the first track, after the noise, is that
Nardwaur saying: "Sloan!"?

6. Are raw energy or the NIM 10" still available? When I ordered from sappy I
asked about the 10" and Julie replied about room 201 records or something, is
this a mail order deal?