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Re: Eric's Trip Stuff.

> 1. Someone posted recently that SUB POP wasn't going to be doing the E.T.
> Live Album.  Is anyone going to be doing it?  Do you think that Anyone would
> have a problem with a Bootleg CD a la all the nirvana ones you see at record
> stores?

unless you asked the band for permission it would be illegal. All those 
nirvana boots you see are illegal, and in the US there has been a major 
crackdown on stores selling such boots. And even Italy, which used to 
have lawa than enabled bootlegging was made to change its laws according 
to fair trade laws. Mind you, for instance Guided by Voices has released 
about 3 or 4 LP boots in conjunction with small indie labels. So I'm sure 
some people could get approval by the band.