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Re: Eric's Trip Stuff.

On Wednesday, August 28th 1996, Adam wrote the following:

> 3. At the Lee's palace sappy tour show, a friend of mine interviewed julie...
> and here's a short excerpt that I found pretty interesting.  If anyone wants
> to do a tape trade for a copy of the interview or that show, let me know.
> Q: Do you ever play shows with Elevator to hell, like tonight, with
> moonsocket?
> A: No, I don't think I've ever done any with elevator to hell.
> Q: Would you be comfortable doing it?
> A: Probably Not.  No.

just for the record, all four eric's trip counterparts shared a bill at 
the oasis in halifax during january of last year....mind you, julie 
*did* leave before the end of the show because it was soon after baby 
benji was born, and she didn't want to be away from him long.


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