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RE: TOronto SLoan Ticket help PLIZ

The Concert Hall is a general admission building.  Downstairs there are no 
seats.  Upstairs on the balcony (which wraps around the building) there are 
seats (benches really) that are also general admission - nothing is 
reserved.  You would have to line up pretty early at the venue that night to 
be assured a seat up there, especially if the show is sold out, which we all 
assume will happen with Sloan. Capacity for the venue is 1650 and that is 
PACKED.  It's a great place to see bands, except it is incredibly HOT so 
dresslightly if possible.  For anyone who does not know where it is, the 
Concert Hall is the old Masonic Temple at 888 Yonge St., which is the corner 
of Yonge & Davenport.  That is one major block north of Yonge and Bloor. 
 Hope that helps!
To: sloannet
Subject: RE: TOronto SLoan Ticket help PLIZ
Date: Wednesday, August 28, 1996 8:10AM

>Tickets go on sale for the Sloan show in Toronto at the Concert Hall this
>Thursday at all ticketmaster outlets, Record Peddler, Vortex, Rotate This,
>and Sonic Temple.  You can also call (416) 870-8000 to charge the tickets 
>phone.  They are $15.00 including GST but not including service charge
>(where service charge is applicable).

I have never been to a show at the concert hall so i need to be informed
some.  Is this  place with seats or is it open?  How big?  And if there are
seats will it be general seating or will I have to line up a ticketmaster
for 2 hours to be sure and get tickets.

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