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RE: TOronto SLoan Ticket help PLIZ

>Tickets go on sale for the Sloan show in Toronto at the Concert Hall this 
>Thursday at all ticketmaster outlets, Record Peddler, Vortex, Rotate This, 
>and Sonic Temple.  You can also call (416) 870-8000 to charge the tickets by 
>phone.  They are $15.00 including GST but not including service charge 
>(where service charge is applicable).

I have never been to a show at the concert hall so i need to be informed 
some.  Is this  place with seats or is it open?  How big?  And if there are 
seats will it be general seating or will I have to line up a ticketmaster 
for 2 hours to be sure and get tickets.

 Heather           heather\!/globalserve.on.ca

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